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Success Story: Margaret S.

Margaret S. is our success story for this month. Margaret came to us on Sept 17 after suffering a stroke leaving her with weakness to her right arm and leg and a feeding tube due to her inability to swallow food. Margaret, a former school cafeteria manager from Boston, honestly could not believe that this happened to her. “When I arrived to this facility I could not walk at all or eat anything by mouth. I had to get up each day and go to therapy to ride the bike and practice walking with a therapist helping me along every step. I am now eating soft food and drinking on my own.”

By mid-November one would not guess that Margaret had suffered a stroke. She is very eager to get out and do things for herself again. Perhaps at a slower pace but that’s ok with her. Margaret is looking forward to having her Sunday dinners out at local restaurants and strolling the Disney theme parks with her daughter Paula again. With her discharge hopefully approaching soon she’s hoping to fly back to her hometown Boston to ring in the holidays with the rest of her family. We hope Margaret has a wonderful holiday season this year!

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