Success Stories

Brianna Jackson – Clinical Journal Day Three

My very last day of clinicals was amazing. I did physical therapy with Chandra and Tasha. I learned how they evaluate their residents who may or may not need physical therapy by watching what they would look for and listening to them ask the resident questions. Throughout the day I saw all the physical therapist talking about what each and every resident needed to do during their session and asking for help when they need help. The conversations that they had together to motivate the residents to keep moving forward was so amazing to watch. I helped Chandra assist with walking by pushing the wheelchair behind the resident while Chandra helped the assist walk. Talking to the other PT people I learned that they are more than just co-workers, they were friends. The way they all talked to each other is something I look forward to when I join the medical field. Everyone was communicating with each other to give their best efforts to get the residents back to being able to do ADL’s.

My most memorable moment in clinicals was when a resident remembered me because I fed her. On my second week of clinicals a resident asked me if I could feed her because she couldn’t do it on her own. I watched her try and try to feed herself but her food kept falling off her fork. She got so upset and to me it looked like she was going to give up and not eat. I fed her and encouraged her to drink her orange juice on her own and eat her bread. I held back tears because I felt so upset that one day she was able to feed herself. On my last day I went to her room to take her down to the gym and the moment she saw me she got the biggest smile on her face. She asked me if I was the one that fed her a while ago, this made me so happy. I could feel my heart jumping with joy just knowing that she remembered me just because I fed her. She changed my whole mood for the rest of the day. All day I couldn’t help but think about how she remembered me.

Going to clincals was an amazing experience to me. From week 1 to week 3 has changed my health provider abilities by a lot. One thing I noticed was that I became more comfortable to work with the resident and not hesitant to help whoever I was working with. I was able to walk into the residents room and introduce myself and ask them if they needed anything without my CNA. I worked with the residents by myself sometimes to help out my CNA, so they can move onto another patient. In week 1, I didn’t know where everything was, I didn’t know what to do, I was nervous to even do anything because I felt like I would do something wrong. In week 2 and 3, I did a little bit of everything by myself while my CNA watched. I was able to walk through the halls and say hello to everyone I was around. I talked to every single person and got their perspectives on things that they do. I learned so much from doing clincals with Ocoee Health Care Center. I would definitely go back and work with them for more clinicals. It has been an amazing 3 days.

Pauline  L.

Pauline  L. Pauline  L. was admitted to our facility after suffering a stroke. She lost eye sight and body functions on her left side. While receiving care at Ocoee, she achieved all her goals and achieved functional independence. Pauline  is very appreciative of the wonderful care she received, and feels the nurses are very compassionate and informative. She loves to take daily walks with her husband and is very thankful to be able to return home with her family.