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COVID-19 Visitation Update



• Visitor will be screened upon entrance to the building. Visitors with known/evident symptoms will not be allowed to visit without proof of recent negative results.
• Visitor must adhere to facility infection control measures such as social distancing, frequent hand washing, face covering.
• A surgical mask must be worn at all times by resident and visitor(s). (Will be provided for those who do not have one)
• Visitor will be required to present proof of negative test within the last 14 days prior to visiting the facility. Please check with facility on the types of visitation that require testing.
• For visitors who were recently positive, 14 days must have passed since 1st positive results, no current signs and symptoms, and you must pass the facility screening.
• Visits will be limited to Tuesday 10am-6pm; Thursday 10am-6pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm to ensure processes are followed accordingly.
• Visitation will be limited to 1-2 designated family members per resident at a time.
• Duration of visit: 15 minutes per visit.
• Visits will take place in a designated location. There are multiple forms of visits that can be held. Please call the facility’s visit scheduler for details.
• Families will request visits based upon availability.
• At any time your appointment may be rescheduled, due to COVID changes within the facility
• Visits can be scheduled by calling Onetha Belgrave or Donna Myers at 407-877-2272
• Updates as they occur will be placed on our facility’s COVID update line. The number is 689-407-5359
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